Lotte CHOCO PIE 9pieces × 2 party pack


Lotte Choco Pie chocolate 9 pieces × 2

AKIBA KING's impressions:I traveled around the world and ate various pies, but nothing was better than this product. The perfect match between the moderate sweetness and the bitterness of chocolate, sandwiching cream with non-hard and soft dough, will guide you happily the moment you eat.

It is a chocolate pie with a taste that can be relieved to eat. Smooth vanilla cream was sandwiched with moist soft cakes, and the whole was coated with mellow chocolate. It's not too sweet and you don't get tired of eating it. Even one is a satisfying eating response. The whole family contains 9 pieces that can be shared with friends. ● This product uses Western liquor. ● After opening, consume as soon as possible. ● If the chocolate gets hot, its surface may melt and its fat may harden white (called fat bloom). You can eat it, but it is inferior in flavor.