Maru-chan SEIMEN Ramen Instant noodles TONKOTSU flavor 5 meals Japan


TOYO-Suisan Maru-chan

Maru-chan SEIMEN Ramen noodles 5 meals


[Noodles] Non-fried noodles that have the same texture and taste as raw noodles, with no need to boil them. Noodle weight 80g. Boiled time 4 minutes.
[Soup] Pork bone soup with a light but delicious taste with roasted garlic.
Tasteful pork bone with roasted garlic.

Ingredients: Noodles (wheat flour (domestic production), vegetable protein, vegetable oil, egg white, salt), attached seasonings (salt, pork extract, pork fat, vegetable oil, sugar, soy sauce, spices, flavor oil, protein hydrolysis Product, yeast extract) / processed starch, seasonings (amino acids, etc.), citrus, calcium carbonate, spice extract, caramel pigment, antioxidant (vitamin E), pH adjuster, eggshell calcium, flavor, (partially wheat ・ Including eggs, milk ingredients, sesame, soybeans, chicken, pork, apples and gelatin)

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